Local Cemeteries

Please follow the links below for listings of burials in our local cemeteries.

Looking for more information? Here are other resources available at the Sanford Museum.

Funeral Home Burial Record Index, 1884-1984
Obituary Index, 1991-Present
The Sanford Herald (unindexed), 1908-2005 (need dates for lookups)

Please contact the Museum at (407) 688-5198 or email [email protected] for questions regarding these resources.

Historical Markers

The Florida Historical Marker Program recognizes historic resources, persons and events that are significant in the areas of architecture, archaeology, Florida history and traditional culture by promoting the placing of historic markers and plaques at sites of historical and visual interest to visitors. The purpose of the program is to increase public awareness of the rich cultural heritage of the state and to enhance the enjoyment of historic sites in Florida by its citizens and tourists.  These markers can be generally identified by their green background and gold lettering.

The Seminole County Historical Commission, an Advisory Board appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, recommends the placement of historical markers that are of particular interest to visitors and citizens of Seminole County.  Funding for the markers is by the citizens of Seminole County through the Board of County Commissioners.  These markers can be generally identified by their black background with white lettering.

The Sallie Harrison Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) placed the markers for Fort Mellon, Fort Mellon Park, Rollins College, Speer Grove and the Chamber of Commerce Flagpole Cannon Base.

Listed below are the Historical Markers as well as other points of particular interest all located in Seminole County Florida.  The markers and points of interest are grouped by "trips" which will allow viewing the sites in an orderly manner.  Included are "way points" which will assist in locating the sites through the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit.  To view a picture of the Marker or Site and read the inscription, click the name of the marker in the chart(s) below.

Trip One

MarkerNorth LatitudeWest Latitude
Museum of Seminole County - Front
Museum of Seminole County - Back
28 44.57081 17.93
Frank Evans Center28 45.53081 19.32
Mayfair Country Club - Front
Mayfair Country Club - Back
28 46.84081 19.14
Speer GroveUnavailableUnavailable
Belair - Front
Belair - Back
28 46.78081 18.12
Upsala Presbyterian Church28 47.23081 18.97
Upsala Settlement28 47.70081 19.00
Dr. Seth French - Front
Dr. Seth French - Back
28 47.77081 16.39
Goldsboro - Front
Goldsboro - Back
28 48.04081 16.84
 Seminole County Schools Student Museum28 48.37081 16.23
Sanford's Railroads - Front
Sanford's Railroads - Back
28 48.71081 16.21
Rollins CollegeUnavailableUnavailable
Flagpole Cannon BaseUnavailableUnavailable
Sanford Museum28 48.71081 15.79
Fort Mellon ParkUnavailableUnavailable
Fort MellonUnavailableUnavailable
Fort Reid28 47.70081 15.38
Georgetown - Front
Georgetown - Back
28 48.13081 15.77
Indian Shell Mound28 48.18081 12.90

Trip Two

MarkerNorth LatitudeWest Latitude
King Philipstown28 47.27081 04.13
Osceola Vault28 47.92 081 04.08
Geneva Museum28 44.08081 06.91 
Fort Lane - Front
Fort Lane - Back
28 43.98081 04.49
Chuluota28 38.37081 07.40
Oviedo - Front
Oviedo - Back
28 40.27081 12.52
Lake Charm - Front
Lake Charm - Back
28 40.72081 11.92
Lake Jesup - Front
Lake Jesup - Back
28 42.31081 12.39
White's Wharf/Clifton Springs28 42.01081 14.26
Slavia28 38.76081 13.83

Trip Three

MarkerNorth LatitudeWest Latitude
Altamonte Chapel28 39.81081 21.68
Hermit's Trail Park28 39.83081 21.79
Crane's Roost - Front
Crane's Roost - Back
28 40.04081 22.90
Orange Belt Railway - Front
Orange Belt Railway - Back
28 40.98081 23.82
Forest City - Front
Forest City - Back
28 40.18081 26.42

Trip Four

MarkerNorth LatitudeWest Latitude
Inside Out House28 42.05081 20.85
Bradlee-McIntyre House28 42.01081 20.82
Reiter Park28 42.01081 21.09
Peter Demens - Front
Peter Demens - Back
28 42.01081 21.09
Longwood/E.W. Henck - Front
Longwood/E.W. Henck - Back
28 42.03081 20.90
Christ Church28 42.05081 20.92
The Senator28 43.12081 19.87

   A very special thanks go to Hugh and Serena Fisher for visiting all the historical sites and markers included on this page and for providing the pictures and GPS Coordinates. Without their efforts, this project would have been impossible!