Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

Ever wonder what life was like in the early days of Sanford? Or how the streets and orange groves and railroads came to be? Or what the people behind it all were like? You may be surprised to hear that they were just like you and me -- mostly hardworking, some quite educated, and all full of their own hopes and dreams. They lived by a curious blend of American enterprise and cultured Victorian ideals on the rugged Florida frontier. And you may be more surprised to hear that a cadre of wealthy British shipping magnates invested heavily in Sanford in the 1880s, possibly saving the town from an early demise. Come and disembark with us from the river steamer just arrived from Jacksonville as we thread our way through the busy docks at Sanford’s waterfront. See some of Sanford’s early pioneers and the streets, hotels, stores and homes they built. Hear the stories about these intrepid souls who carved out a successful frontier town based on citrus and transportation, all the while relying on those three things essential to any town building: lawyers, guns and money. Presented by Andrew Fink, President of the Sanford Historical Society and author of "Murder on the Florida Frontier."  ~ Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018 at the Sanford Museum.
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